Moments from the Costa Del Sol - You´re pulling my lego!

April 07, 2021 - 08:03 AM - 1118 views
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Hola Funky Media listeners and greetings from the Costa del Sol. Hi. It´s Essex here again with this week's news and whatever else is occurring here in Spain which, due to the circumstances isn't a whole heck of a lot and of course some more madness from across the world as per usual.

The weather here is absolutely fabulous now as we are headed into Spring. With warmer days in the 20´s and milder nights, it´s that time of year to start shaving the legs and polishing the toenails as we move from the winter clothing to the summer wardrobe. Yes it does get cold here during the winter months, although not as cold as you guys experience in England. You men are so lucky not to have to deal with all this faffing about. As I mentioned, it does get nippy here during the winter and we do tend to play "Spot, the tourist" here. You always know who doesn't live here. They're the ones that are out in the tank tops and flip flops and immediately us residents know ´There goes one´, although there's been a very sad lack of tourists this past year, I can be wrapped up in my car, with the heater on and I'll stop for someone crossing the road, who is scantily clad in summer clothing and guys, can I just add that socks and sandals are not a good look, along with the budgie smugglers on the beaches. Those things really need to be outlawed. Still, at least with our faces covered you can't see us laughing at you. They are now thinking about making people wear masks on the beach here, which to me seems a little on the ridiculous side. How does one swim in the sea with a mask on ? However, no law has been passed on that yet thank goodness as far as I'm aware but one must never underestimate the stupidity of government officials and their decisions. Who is going to want to sunbathe on the beach in a mask in 30 to 40 degrees of heat ?

I have to say this has been the quietest Easter I've witnessed here since moving to Spain nearly 13 years ago. We knew it wasn't going to be massive this year and I guess we didn't really think about it last year as we were all in that, awful strict lockdown period but this year, since restrictions have changed Easter was almost a non event. Normally this would be the most religious week in the Spanish calendar but with the parades and other activities halted, it was definiitely noticed. Couple that with the lack of tourists because usually the beaches and restaurants are buzzing this time of year. The silence is quite deafening.

I was in Fuengirola on Saturday, a very popular resort for the British and other nationalities. Yes, not everyone is off to Marbs and Puerto Banus. The streets were empty. I only wish I could say the same for the parking. Even with no one here, it's hard to find a space. That is one dilemma I really cannot figure out. The restaurants had a few people here and there but nothing like we normally experience this time of year. I think I saw more Policemen than tourists in Fuengy this weekend. We are still lucky enough to have the luxury of dining out until 10:30pm at night but this could all suddenly come to an end at the end of this week as we await the announcement on April 9th as to whether things will remain the same or whether they'll revert back to the 6:30pm closing times.

According to the Coronavirus map here, Andalucia we're doing okay with low incident rates. Our province, according to the map has now been downgraded and categorised as half risk whatever that might mean, considering just a few weeks ago we were on extreme risk. It's great how Governments all over the world and it's not just the Spanish, bring out these rating systems and terms that none of the rest of us seem to understand. Still, I'm not going to complain. We are headed in the right direction but putting things into layman's terms would really help. Plus, we do have a reasonable amount of freedom here. Unlike in the UK we can go out for lunch or dinner and all of our shops are open. Hairstylists and Nail salons are also open, although there is a restriction on how many customers they can have inside the salon at any one time. So they are working strictly by appointment only.

Andalucia has supposedly started vaccinating the general public, aged between 65 and 55 with the AstraZeneca shot this week, starting with people born in 1956. I think I might be in with a chance here. Personally, I still think we have a long road to travel but hopefully we will get there and as they say here in Spain. "poco a poco" bit by bit.

Facebook are not having their best week are they ? It's been reported that the personal information of about half a billion Facebook users including their phone numbers have been posted to a website used by hackers. This is what the cybersecurity experts are telling us. They're saying that records of more than 32 million accounts in the United States, 11 million in the United Kingdom and 5 million here in Spain have been hacked and the details these hackers have, in some cases include full name, location, birthday, email addresses, phone numbers, and relationship status. Makes you nervous doesn't it considering nearly all of us have a Facebook or Instagram account. Although the data they've hacked is from 2019, it could still be a value to the hackers and cyber criminals like those who engage in identity theft. What a world we are living in these days, eh ? It seems like quite a few times this year, I have warned you about scammers. This is quite sad in itself. I for one would like to go back to when life was easier and you had to be home before the streetlights came on.

And while we're on the subject of social media, Google Photos have this amazing feature, where it recognises people's faces or maybe face recognition isn't such a good thing. A woman named Kara Tonin from Canada, got in a bit of bother this week after she made an X rated video. That was your first mistake love ! That has now been viewed more than 1.8 million times. She explained that she had set up a feature on her phone that would automatically send any photos of her Son to her to his Grandma, her Mother.....Oops ! So, she makes an X rated video, shall we say, where she must have been in her kitchen and not realising there was a photo of her son on the refrigerator. Well, Google Photos, as I mentioned, have this incredible thing where it recognises people's faces and if you type in their name, it will pull up every picture and video with their face in it and then you can make an album and share it with your friends and family. You know what I'm going to say next don't you ? Of course it went viral, with over 320,000 likes and 1000s of comments from people. Personally 1, I would never make a video like that and 2, I would be totally mortified if I was her. Well, consequently Google made her a lovely photo book, which included her lady bits, alongside photos of her son and her family, and ´voila´, before you can say Bob's your Uncle and Fanny´s your Aunt, it's out there for the world to see. Isn't technology incredible ?

Lastly, it seems Lego larceny may be on the rise. Yes you heard me right, French police have been investigating an international ring of toy thieves. I mean what in the name of all things holy are going on in this world ? An international ring of toy thieves ? And it's not just Europe, ´Nooo´.....Lego robberies have happened in the United States as well. Last month, a man in Oregon was arrested after local police suspected he stole five and a half thousand pounds worth of Lego toy sets. There's obviously a lot of money in Legos, Lego sets come out in limited editions and then they become like collector's items. So for example the Lego ´Cafe Corner´ a set released in 2007 for just over 100 pounds can now fetch up to over 2000 pounds, if it's in its original condition. I bet you are all wishing you´d saved your Lego sets now, aren´t you ? They've become very popular, especially during the lockdown period where Lego sales were extremely robust. They've seen 100% rise in sales over the past year. It's nice to know that a good old fashioned toy like Lego has weathered this modern era of technology. You can't hack a good Lego session.

Right, I'm off to shave my legs and practice swimming in the pool with my mask on just to see if it can be done. I'll let you know how I get on next week. No, I'm just kidding that that water is far too cold for me to get into. Maybe I'll try it in the bath instead.

Until next week, I'll leave you to digest these little nuggets of useless information and wait for one of you to slip up and end up in one of my news stories. They do say that laughter is the best medicine. So have a great week everyone. Stay safe, and until next week, from me, Michelle, Hasta Luego from the Costa del Sol. 


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