2020 - what a year for all of us

December 29, 2020 - 02:15 PM

The year 2020 was indeed a year full of unfortunate events for everyone. We hope that you were safe and are hopeful for a better 2021. With that said, let's look at what we were able to bring to the Funky Media platform this year and what is to come in the new one!


  • Shape Dividers to make your pages more fun and playful. To customise our system pages and further personalise your websites and funnels
  • We introduced the Appointments functionality allowing your customers to start booking meetings with you via our Funky media API 
  • Undo & Redo as well as the rows for a better content organisation (one of my favourite updates as it really does give more control and saves you so much time!)
  • We've introduced new widgets and improved some of the old ones to bring more flexibility all around. 
  • November saw the launch of our FREE Academy. To find out more click here

These are some of the major things we managed to accomplish this year since the launch of Funky Media website builder on 5th March 2020, and we hope that we helped your business at least a bit to overcome the difficulties that 2020 brought.

Now aside from these great developments we also launched Funky Radio too. This could be a great tool for your business as it has for many of our clients. Our original arsenal of marketing tools is not to be forgotten either. Our Funky Dashboard allows you to control all of your selected services in one place including your socials. We can help you with reputation management - all-important in this digital age. If you are keen to understand the strengths and weaknesses in your digital footprint we can help you too.

...but now let's talk about 2021 and how we can Grab It!

We are excited about many things but here are the few big ones our team has been working on for months and will bring in you the New Year:

The BIG One - Email Marketing and Automations - this will be our biggest update ever, coming with email builder, campaigns, automation flows, lists, and more.

• 2021 we will focus heavily on e-commerce! We will make it the one-stop place to crush with sales. Newly revamped e-commerce with analytics, new designs, affiliates, new features, and integrations.

• Improved mobile editing and customisation 

• A whole new set of widgets and designs to make your pages even more fun and converting.

These are just a few of our plans for 2021. We hope that we will help you and your ideas to grow and get to more people in the New Year. Here are some of our previous blogs to inspire your year ahead:

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2021 Marketing Plan

Radio interview book here: www.funkymediaagency/calendar 

Thank you for following us this year! And we wish you a very Happy new year!




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