5 wellbeing tips for working from home

February 02, 2021 - 12:44 PM

We've put together a few suggestions to help you stay healthy whilst working from home. When we talk about health we really mean wellbeing, making sure your mind and body do get more of what they need and less of what is draining.

1. Set your workspace

It is really important to set up your workspace as it conditions your brain to understand when you sit here it is time to work. This might mean it is away from noise and distraction and it is a place you can go to during work hours and shut the door on when work is done. If possible don't create your permanent workspace within your relaxing zones. Make sure you have the right equipment meaning a desk, a proper chair and the correct lighting for you to comfortably work. If there are other people in the house invest in a good pair of headphones so you don't get distracted. Make it a feel good space with plants and aromas that allow you to be comfortable, relaxed and focused. 


2. Set up a daily schedule and stick to it

Working from home offers more flexibility but if you are up and down to the kitchen all the time and distracted by what is going on around you then you'll never achieve what you need to. Schedule set breaks where you get up and move away from your workspace. That means an hour for lunch when you are not checking emails. Go out for a walk and take in the fresh air, stretch for 30 minutes or meditate then have your lunch - the point is you need to break up your day to aid your mental and physical wellbeing. You may identify that you are more productive at certain times of day so set up your day around those times. Though it may be tempting to stay in your PJs all day, getting dressed to start your day will create a positive mental shift.

3. Eat healthy lunch and snacks

Being at home some people find they are more healthy with their food choices, for others the fridge and snack cupboards become their best friends. It is easy to sink into an emotional eating pattern when you feel stress, but being at home gives you the opportunity to really help your health with home cooked goodness and healthy snacks. Feed your body properly and you will feel better, sleep better and function better. Remember your daily commute is now from the bedroom to your workspace so you are not expending the calories you used to as standard. Don't eat around your workspace. Make it common practise to step away and mindfully fuel your body at set times of the day.

4.  Exercise

This is one of the most important aspects for your total wellbeing. Any form of exercise whether it is a walk, a run, housework, yoga, stretching or even weights and cycling allows the mind to focus and reset. Being outside in nature mindfully noticing things around you is one of the best rechargers you can get. Physical exercise causes chemical changes in the brain, such as the release of endorphins, which can positively change your mood. This, in turn, can positively impact your level of motivation and self-esteem, boosting your energy levels. If you have gained weight, it is the ideal time to look to lose some so when lockdown is over you can emerge the fittest and strongest version of yourself.

5. Communicate and Socialise

We are social creatures and this lockdown is hard on many people for many reasons. It is important therefore that you communicate and socialise wherever you can. Have video calls with friends and family. Set up whats app groups to motivate teams. Stay in contact with your teams regularly as anyone could be in a stressful situation whether that is living alone in isolation or dealing with a large family all in one space. Relationships are an important part of wellbeing so cultivate all of yours right now to help you stay in optimum health.

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