Karen and Colin Appointed as Station Managers of Funky Media Radio

September 12, 2022 - 04:08 PM
We are delighted to welcome Karen and Colin Wells, new franchisees of Funky Media Radio Station! who are excited to bring their years of experience and passion to their new venture.
Karen and Colin are excited to bring their passion for radio to their new franchise.
Funky Media Radio Station offers listeners a unique and fresh approach to radio. The focus is on playing music from top artists from the '80s '90s to pop hits of today filled with Interviews from influential people in business, music that is not typically heard on commercial radio, and the station will also feature local and independent artists. 
Karen and Colin are committed to making Funky Media Radio Station a success, and they are passionate about giving listeners a new and different experience.
"We're excited to be a part of something new and fresh, and we're committed to making Funky Media Radio Station a success."
"We want to offer listeners a different experience, and we're passionate about giving them something new to enjoy."
Karen and Colin are looking forward to growing their new business and giving listeners a unique and enjoyable experience.
Download the Funky media radio App here: www.funkymediaradio.app 


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