How to Listen to Funky Media Radio

February 12, 2020

Ways to listen to Funky Media Radio 

Amazon Alexa: Enable the Skill

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 Listen to Funky Media Radio via Amazon Alex Set up your Alexa device for Funky Media Radio 

Go to 'Skills & Games' in your Alexa App. Search for 'Funky Media Radio'. Click Enable skill. Then say...

"Alexa, Play Funky Media Radio". or "Alexa, Start Funky Media Radio" or “Alexa, ask Funky Media Radio what is the current song”

Mobile Apps: ITS HERE You can listen to your favourite station via our very own mobile apps! 

Funky Radio Mobile Applications 

The app is available on AppleTV and AndroidTV, allowing you to listen at home. 

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Apple:Download Apple Mobile App

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Google Play:Download Android app

Move things up a gear

Funky radio is now available in the car with Android Auto & Apple Watch

Other ways to listen 

Radio Shaker Mobile Application & Online platform. Radio Shaker


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