Catch up with Michelle AKA Essex Bird

Hi Funky Media Listeners, I´m now 5 weeks into my podcasts “Moments from the Costa Del Sol” and I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am making them for you.  If you have any suggestions or information from or about Spain that you´d like to know I´d be interested to hear your opinions. Don´t be shy……lol.   I will also add be adding some interviews to my Podcasts at a later date

once things settle down in my part of the world. 

My show consists of life and happenings here on the Costa del Sol, Spain as well as any other crazy, zany news stories from around the world that I come across that make me giggle that I think would be fun to share with you guys. 

It´s my aim to bring you something a little bit different, a little bit quirky, light hearted and sometimes a bit controversial.  I can be quite outspoken and my opinions are strictly my own and I only use stories that are already out there on the public domain. 

So, tune in to my spot, we´ll have a laugh and hopefully you will be entertained.

Big safe hugs from the Costa del Sol


Johstone, AKA Essex Bird. Spain