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April 21, 2021 - 07:58 AM - 290 views
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Hola Funky Media listeners, it's Essex with weekly greetings. what's new, and the slightly weird news from the Costa del Sol and beyond. Thank goodness the rains have passed. We've had an awful week weather wise here. It's been cold, dreary and we've had buckets full of rain but thankfully the sun has returned to us which has cheered us up no end. Quite a few people were on the beach this weekend, sunbathing, playing and of course, enjoying the sunshine. Isn't it funny how the weather affects our moods ? My anniversary turned out lovely despite the fact that I picked out a restaurant because of its spectacular views, which I thought would be very romantic but it was raining cats and dogs, so we didn't get to see a flaming thing other than a vehicle that had broken down being picked up by a breakdown truck. Hardly the romantic evening that I had planned but despite that the evening was a roaring success. Great restaurant, fabulous food, and we didn't have to take out that second mortgage to pay for it after all. So my poor long suffering husband survived the ordeal. I would definitely go back there another time where the weather's better, so as to enjoy the views of our beautiful coast and on a good day you can see the whole coast of Africa from up there. So, things on the coast are looking up, although I still can't fathom out how we have some tourists arriving but us residents are still not allowed to leave the province of Andalucia. It makes no sense and it made me think of the lyrics from that song ´Hotel California´ you know the bit "You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave" I should add that these are European tourists and not English. I believe you guys are still locked into holidaying in the UK until Boris makes his mind up and gives you all some clarity and moves the goalposts once again. Don't get me wrong, we are all getting mixed messages. Here in Andalucia, I told you last week that we had gone to half risk but as I looked at our Coronavirus map for this week, it seems we've gone back up to high risk. Despite the fact that our numbers are not a lot different to those of last week, and our hospitals and ICU´s are still pretty much at the same level. We have a population in Andalucia of approximately eight and a half million inhabitants. There are just 1496 people in hospital and 286 of them in the ICU´s, in the whole of the province. Will this ever end ? Will we ever get back to some kind of normality ? These are the questions on everyone's lips. The vaccination process here is marching on now at a good pace. I'm praying that this is our passport, out of this purgatory and the science has it right but COVID Fatigue is definitely setting in. Even Matadors in Madrid are demanding a bailout now. The head of the bullfighters union, you're not going to believe this guy's name, Paco McFlaco..... I kid you not, does his name not sound like some kind of fast food mega meal ?... he's informed all the union Matadors that it should be effective immediately as all Bullfights had to be officially cancelled due to the pandemic. Well, that's one good point due to the virus in my opinion. COVID has now been found to affect the fighting of bulls. Personally, I think that's a good thing, not the part that the matadors should be given a bailout but giving those poor animals a chance of life. The Spanish are slowly trying to phase out bullfighting and so they should. What a cruel and barbaric sport, which is mainly supported by the older generation here.

During the COVID like lockdown, the COVID-19 lock downs, a lot of us got into gardening big style, which led to a boom in sales of garden Gnome statues and other gardening supplies. Well, you'll never believe it but garden centres are facing a garden Gnome shortage. One garden centre said they haven't seen a Gnome in six months. The increased demand mixed with a shortage of raw materials, has been attributed to the recent blocking of the Suez Canal by that cargo ship that got stuck there. This apparently is made garden Gnomes increasingly difficult to find and to I think I thought they were all just staying Gnome......okay, that was a bad pun. There is also a shortage of garden furniture and decorations expected this year, also due to the lack of materials, as well as other factors that have impacted the shortage. It seems we're not all immune to that ship getting stuck in the canal. Although there are now freight issue costs due to the Brexit and the pandemic is being blamed. Well, this is a sad state of affairs, isn't it ? Like we haven't got enough to deal with now, we now also have a Gnomeless problem.

How sad was the royal funeral this past weekend ? I've never been a staunch monarchist myself but my heart went out to the Queen as she sat alone without any of her children sat next to her for comfort. How can this be right ? She's human too ! and she's had the Duke of Edinburgh by her side for the last 70 odd years. Now I realised this was all down to social distancing but I'm sure they've all had their vaccines, so why was she made to sit all alone ? It seems so cruel. I thought the send off was very dignified and fittingly so for such a great man. It was also nice to see Prince William talking to his brother on the way out of the chapel. It´s strange how bereavement brings people together. Let's hope they can repair the damage.

When I read this next story in the news, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. An elderly woman was taken to the wrong house by an ambulance and tucked up in a stranger's bed. The mistake was only discovered when someone at the property went to check on her and realised she wasn't their relative. Elizabeth Mahoney 89, had been in hospital battling COVID-19 In Pontypool for 10 long weeks and her family with thrilled to find out that she'd finally been given a discharge date but they began to get concerned when she failed to show up at her home. It was only after a frantic few hours that it came to light, she'd been taken by ambulance to an address in Newport, more than eight miles from our home and left in the bed of a total stranger. Her son received a call at about 1pm on that day and was told his Mum was on her way home. So, his wife went over there to greet her. About an hour later, he rang to see what was happening because she hadn't turned up. Her son Brian phoned the hospital, only to be informed, there'd been a bit of a problem. A bit of a problem ? I'd have said that was a monumental problem. His Mum had suffered a stroke not so long back so naturally they were concerned something bad had happened to her but around 3:40pm they eventually got a call saying that she'd been taken to her house in Newport. His mum's details have been confused with those of another female patient with dementia, who was also due to go home from hospital on that same day. So his mum was taken to this other lady's house by mistake and somehow and this is the bit that gets me, whoever answered the door told the ambulance staff to take her into the bedroom and make her comfortable. How come they didn't notice it wasn't their relative ? Was she some kind of doppelganger ? Apparently they went to check on her a little while after, and that's when they realised the error and raised the alarm. However, poor Elizabeth did tell our loved ones later on, that she couldn't work out why she was being called by a different name. Also, given the woman she had been mistaken for had dementia, they just put it down to her being a bit muddled. The poor woman must have looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings, and thought that her family had decided to put her in a care home. Since then the ambulance service has apologised to the family and there is investigation process ongoing. Pretty weird but scary ha ?

And finally, if you remember last week I shared some bizarre traffic rules with you, my legal Eagle friend in America, shared three more with me this week which I thought I just have to share with you. It seems these laws were made so many years ago, that no one has bothered to change them. So, should any of us ever get the chance to travel again. and the USC, the USA is our destination. It's worth noting that in Florida, by law, you must feed the parking metre if you tie an elephant, goat, or alligator to it. In New Jersey, frowning a police officer is against the law. So if you're ever visiting there and get stopped, be sure to give the police officer a big smile and lastly in Virginia, women are prohibited from driving a car on the main street, unless their husband is walking in front of the car, waving a red flag. As we always say, "Only in America"

Well folks, that's me checking out for another week. I hope the sun shines on you wherever you are. Have a great week and I will be back with more enlightening nonsense next week, of course. Until then, be good, stay safe and as always, from me Michelle, Hasta Luego from the Costa del Sol.


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