Moments on the Costa del Sol with Michelle Diez y Nueve

October 28, 2020 - 08:22 AM - 858 views
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Hola Funky Media listeners, Michelle/Essex here again with this week's update from the Costa del Sol and things have taken a turn for the worse here. As of Sunday night the government decided to put us back into a "State of Alarm". Once again this is across the whole of Spain, because of the rapid rise in COVID numbers. The only people that are out of this equation are the Canary Islands, so good news for you, UK, if you want a cheeky holiday in Tenerife, you can go have that cheeky holiday, come back and not have to quarantine because the Canary Islands have been deemed safe but as for the rest of the country, mainland Spain is now back in a "State of Alarm". Now, this is not complete lockdown like it was last March, this time they're calling it a curfew in Spain and it's up to the autonomous communities now to decide how severe the rules are going to be. So, here in the province of Andalucia all establishments bars, restaurants, etc. will now have to close at 11pm and although that can be altered depending on the COVID numbers in each region. That means they can adjust the timing by one hour, either way. So, if they decide that the numbers are okay, places will able to stay open until midnight, they'll put it up an hour but if the numbers increase, they will have the power to close everything down at 10pm or earlier, if they deem necessary. So this means that we could all be in our houses at 9/10 o'clock at night. We're just going to have to see what the Junta de Andalucia handles this and what they come out and tell us. So that means everyone's got to be home at the moment by 11. We are not allowed out until six o'clock in the morning. This includes walking dogs, you cannot walk your dog after 11 o'clock at night. Now there are certain exceptions of course like those people who are traveling home from work, and that by the way they are going to prove they're traveling home from work and obviously visiting a pharmacy attending an emergency situation, like taking care of a loved one, or visiting a health center or hospital those places will be exempt. Other than that, the restrictions will apply and these restrictions are in place until November the 9th and will be reviewed every 15 days until May 9th 2021, God help us !! Also under the "State of Alarm" each autonomous community can decide if they would like to call close their borders, if the situation calls for it. So basically if your caught outside during the curfew hours, you will see big fines and believe me, the police here have no problem dishing those out. Now I've just heard this afternoon that the fines can allegedly be from 300 to 6000 euros. I don't know how reliable that source is yet but, at a time when people are struggling to live and losing jobs and trying to feed their kids, I really don't understand where they think they're gonna get this money from. I'm just hoping that everybody's just gonna stick to the rules, and we're all good boys and girls, and we go home at 11 o'clock. In addition to the nighttime confinement the numbers of people with a family or friends that are allowed to gather is now back down to six and that's in both public and private places. One of my favorite subjects masks. These now have to be worn in restaurants while you are waiting for your food or drink order, whereas before you went into a restaurant masked up you sat down at the table but once you got to the table you were allowed to take off the mask. It seems now that we have to wear the masks until the food arrives at the table. What we are unclear about and we're waiting for them to clarify is, does this happen in between courses, or is it once the meal served, or, you know, with as I said we are going to have to wait and see what the Andalucian government if you like, are going to do this so we as you can see we have had a bit of a change, since we chatted last week and unlike other places, when they bring restrictions down here in Spain. They're usually effective from midnight on that night of the announcement. We don't get any warnings that say, oh, in a few days on Tuesday at six o'clock in the evening. We get ours we get the, we are shutting it down we are doing as of 12 o'clock tonight. That's it. Finished. However, we have to wait and see what the guidelines that are going to come out and are going to be put into place, to see also if we are permitted to travel in or out of the province of Andalucia, or possibly whether we're going to be restricted to our own little communities, so that's like your own little council if you like. So we'll see what further restrictions they put upon us.

On a light note. This week, we have the most fabulous theater in Fuengirola is called the Salon Varietes and it's lovely, lovely little theater where they put on some great entertainment. This week, they had EVITA. Now, I had tickets for this show back in March, and I wanted to see it so bad. There were so many great people in it and we all got locked down and so they brought me to back to the Salon Varietes in October, and it just happened to be the week when I had so much on that I didn't have one night that I could get there to see it, so I am absolutely gutted I really really am. Peter Mitchell directed the production, which WOWED so many people. I have to admit, their reviews that came up for this were absolutely fantastic. It sounded like a West End musical it really, really di and I'm absolutely sick to my stomach that I didn't get there and I'm hoping that they're going to bring it back to the theater at some point and I will be able to at some point get to see it. Now, heres a bit of history. Eva Peron took Andalucia by storm in the summer of 1947 on an official visit here. The trip lasted 18 days across Spain and her meetings with like military and civil authorities. She visited cathedrals, factories you know the general sightseeing, the garlic dinners. People were said to be so totally impressed with Eva Peron and found her to be thankful to the Spanish people, and they found her very glamorous and very classy and after visiting Spain, she went on to visit several other European countries like Italy, France and Switzerland but her trip was cut short because the UK cancelled as the royal family received, they absolutely refused to receive her. So that was the end of her European tour but some say that that trip to Spain changed her. She came to Spain as Eva Peron and she left as "Evita". So there's a little bit of history and trivia for you. Well done to the Salon Varieties for their excellent production of Evita, and congratulations to all the cast and cheering everybody up. I just hope you get it to the stage again, I really do.

Now back onto most social media again. When I read this next story, I felt like I was channeling my parents I really did I thought they were inhabiting my body. What is happening with the youth of today ? When a 24 year old girl goes out onto the streets of Miami, with her camera phone in her back pocket to film how many people will look at her backside so that she can post it on Instagram and get likes. What in the world is our future generation coming to? She did. She explained I'm going to see how many booty stares I can get. Now, call me old fashioned, but could you imagine doing that in your teens and early 20s. My mother would have gone berserk if I'd done anything like that. It was bad enough breaking the news that I'd become a Bunny Girl to her in the 70s. Anyway, apparently this mad trend originated on Tik Tok, the compilation video shows several men turning around to gawp at her butt as she strolls supermarket and a bar filled with drinkers and the supposed model edited the clip to add voiceovers as well to each man so that, each man caught looking in a direction had something to say and then she shared the video on her Instagram profile ......of course ! where she has more than, ......wait for it..... 4 million followers !! Now I'm not even sure the BBC has 4 million followers anymore. This received 120,000 likes. Why guys ? What is that about ? One person asked her why she did it, she said she made the video, just as a dare, erm me, I think the younger generation have gone absolutely nuts. I think this whole COVID thing has done their heads in and I just you know I just love somebody to explain this to me.

Finally some bizarre footage has emerged of a car being driven down a busy road with an entire greenhouse strapped to its roof. Now passing drivers were stunned, I bet they were !! as the Citron C4 drove at speeds of up to 40 miles an hour, with an eight foot by six foot metal frame balanced precariously on the top of it. They even had a passenger on the back seat with their arm out of the window, holding on to the structure. Now the passenger in the car behind filmed the whole scene. This took place in a Hordle near Lymington in Hampshire, if you're from around that area. The car follows it for a good two miles before it turned off and it said, you can hear it clunking about. Thankfully, there was no glass in it, and it was just a metal frame otherwise it could have gone everywhere. The people in the car behind said they'd never seen anything like it before. It certainly does bring a whole new meaning to the term Greenhouse Gases doesn't it ? Strangely enough, though, this is not the first time this year a Motorist has decided to take his greenhouse out for a spin. The last time apparently was a driver in Rochdale Greater Manchester, he was caught on camera with one strapped to the roof back in January. What has ever happened to common sense ? I absolutely despair !

Although, I must admit, I always thought the best places to see couples arguing in a car park was MFI or IKEA, you know when they're trying to fit the entire new kitchen into the back of a Ford Escort. That is some of the best comedy right there.

Well my friends, that's it for the week. I will keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds next week here in Spain. Until then, have a good week. Be kind to each other. Stay safe, and as always, Hasta Luego from the Costa del Sol.


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