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October 20, 2020 - 04:00 PM - 1266 views
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Hola Funky Media listeners, it's Michelle/Essex here with this week's goss from the Costa Del Sol. So here it is my news, my views, the confused and the amused and I have to admit it's been a bit of a quiet week here in the south. The weather as always this time of year is absolutely fab, it's beautiful and sunny during the day, cools down enough at night, so it's comfortable and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Now one of the main things has come to light in the news this week is how critical the Tourism Industry has been hit this year. We were expecting this and it's an awful shame but figures have come out for this year and show that we've lost millions of visitors. No surprises there but holiday accommodation is showing around three to 4 million in losses, an airline passengers down by about 9.4 million. And that's just here on the Costa del Sol, Lord knows what the figures must be like for the Costa Brava, the Costa Blanca, as well as any other popular tourist destinations in Spain and at the moment, most things here seem to center around the Madrid area. They're still trying to get their COVID numbers down there, here it's reasonably low, but now they have put Zaragoza which is in a province called Aragon back into a phase two type situation so I really hope they can get this together up there in the north. I have a lot of listeners and friends up there. So I'd like to wish you all the best and please please guys do stay safe.

On the subject of travel, Jet2 have now suspended all flights to Malaga, Alicante and Faro and thats up until February of 2021 in case you weren't aware and Ryanair is reducing its flights from 60% to 40% until the clocks change in March, which in my head is telling me be prepared for some price hikes in fares but who knows you never know they could surprise us in 2021 and bring the fares down so we can afford them, which would be great because I would love to see my family, I have missed them so much this year.

Anyway, carrying on the topic of airlines and stuff. Talk about karma. I felt overjoyed I gotta say when I read this story in the Sur in English newspaper this week. This is a free English newspaper here that comes out every week and there's a couple of other papers that also come along and they keep us informed of what's going on here in the Costa del Sol, what's happening across Spain and also across the world and for the most part they are pretty accurate, although we do get the occasional as Donald Trump would say "Fake News".

We've all been affected by delays or cancellations of holidays, due to Air Traffic Control strikes Haven't we ? and let's face it, the whole airport experience has gone from an adventure to a giant pain in the behind to put it nicely. I personally get really stressed when I have to fly anywhere because I always get picked out at the airport by some jobs worth. It's even happened to me when I've been going on an educational with Thomson holidays, and I've been in full TUI uniform. I mean it's always me. I guess I must bear some resemblance to Pablo Escobar or maybe one of his family I've got no idea.

So in the car on the way to the airport I get myself psyched up for the experience and God help anybody that starts with me, when I get there and I would just like to point out at this point that Stansted Airport, you are the worst airport in the whole entire world. You guys take the biscuit and I have flown through a fair few airports around the world in my time, but you guys Stansted are the absolute worst. I remember the days when you got your seats, your luggage and inflight meal, a bag of nuts. Even entertainment, all in the price of your fare. Nowadays, the only freebie you get is the use of the public toilet on board as everything else is an optional extra. Do you remember when they didn't even like weigh your suitcases, they just put them on the conveyor belt, off they went, you picked them up on the other side ? So when I read this article I thought DEVINE RETRIBUTION. A court in Madrid has ruled this week that 131 Madrid, based Air Traffic Controllers, that went on an unofficial strike in 2010 unofficial, should pay back 13 million euros to those affected by their actions. Absolutely !! This happened in the December of 2010 and it caused chaos for passengers, not only from Spain, but from all over Europe as well. At the time of the strike the government had to declare a first state of alarm. In order to get restoration and to get the country moving again, and that was with the help of the military. The fines haven't been set yet. Let's hope they're big ones. it affected a lot of people over the Christmas period, who didn't get to spend time with their loved ones that year and actually I hope the French government also jump onto the bandwagon because, how many times have the French Traffic Air Controllers beggared things up for all of us ? and while I'm on a rant and before we get into this week's craziness. There was something else that really wound me up and I just want to say how disgusted I was to hear that MPs have given themselves, a 3300 pound raise, which will see their salaries rise to about 85,000, odd per year. While Nurses, Teachers and their own Constituents are suffering and I think I read somewhere in the region of like 700,000 people have now lost their jobs, self employed people have lost businesses and their only means of income. Do these MPs realize the people they represent, who put them in office and who pays their wages ? and there are some people that are only one or two paychecks away from having absolutely nothing. Just the numbers of people having to go to food banks now is awful and these guys give themselves a raise. I think that is dreadful. So, I'm saying to you MPs if anybody's listening. Why not do the decent thing. Turn down the pay rise and give it to the people, your constituents, the ones that vote for you, that really need it. I'm just saying, I know I live in Spain, but I'm British. I haven't been here as long so that I still get the vote in the UK and my family are in the UK so you know what, do your jobs, that's what you're paid to do, and give that money to the people that really really need it.

Right, with the moaning over my next subject leads me on to the latest fashion must have, now ladies I hope you're sitting down for this one, absolutely because apparently the latest fashion item that women are obsessing over is a "Rubber Chicken Handbag". Can you believe it ? I'm serious, a rubber chicken handbag. Now, the HENBAG handbag is as the name suggests a bag designed to look like a chicken. Why ? God only knows !! It's pale yellow, it has a yellow beak, it's got two beady black eye, it's got feather detailing and it's got red handles. Now, before you shake your heads in disbelief. This isn't just any old handbag. This bag. This handbag is retailing for $32 and 95 cents which is approximately 25 pounds 51 on Amazon, and it has a pretty extensive fan base online. In fact it's racked up more than 1000 reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars. Can you believe that ? One buyer said they bought the bag for their Mum as a birthday gift. She's a fan of collecting like chickens, roosters and everything country related. All right, I get that. I mean we've all got our own quirks, we all collect strange things. Me, I collect miniature shoes. I've got a massive collection of shoes, boots, slippers, really tiny ones and, anyway back to the story. She opens the present, and she had a huge smile on her face, me personally I probably would have wet myself, but everyone around was laughing as well and she took the person's work and everyone loved it and it's definitely a conversation starter and everybody wants to feel it to see if it's actually made out of rubber but if that doesn't prove how mad people are the chicken page, excuse me the chicken purse has its own Instagram page dedicated to it. A page that is aptly named "The Chicken Purse" and the chicken purse follows the bag on all its latest adventures from drinking at the pub to sightseeing. I'm kind of guessing with today's current situation it's not doing much of either one of those but however this chicken is instagramming itself, all over the place. This chicken bag.

Gimme a break !! I mean, am I going crazy ? Has 2020 turned into the maddest year in history ever ?Seriously people What do you think ?

Well amigos, that's it for this week from Spain. Until next week, I wish you all an amazing "new normal" week. Be kind to each other and stay safe and from me, Michelle, Hasta luego from the Costa del Sol. 


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