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July 15, 2021 - 1304 views
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Are you a woman working for yourself? Are you passionate about what you do and also want to nurture your health and wellbeing, and be part of a community that gives you connection, community and clarity?

About This Show

This is Fit For Business’s first podcast series. Their show is about sharing stories from their Wonder Women Community (their personal and business journeys), and giving their listeners some tips, knowledge and tools to support them to be Fit For Business and Fit for a balanced, sustainable life. Fit For Business is a Professional Learning Network that has grown into a large community that is full of women, working for themselves who want community, connection and clarity.

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About This Episode

The show is hosted by Co-founder of Fit For Business, Liz Goodfellow, and features Wonder Woman interviewee, Joanna Cates, published author.

Joanna shares her ‘One Woman Origin Story’ about becoming a writer and she talks about her experience of becoming self-published. Liz and Joanna discuss some of their favourite music; why it’s so important to find passion and purpose in life and work, and they give listeners some tools to add to their ‘Kit Bag’ to help with business success and life harmony.

Featured Songs:

Alicia Keys -Girl on Fire

Fia – River

Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Book Reference:

A Physical Intelligence Tool Called R.E.S.T is shared from the book Physical Intelligence by Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton

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Joanna’s book can be purchased at:

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