Fit For Business, Liz Goodfellow, featuring Wonder Woman interviewee, Liz Almond: The Mindset Shifter, from Insightful Minds.

June 17, 2021 - 01:00 PM - 1403 views
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About This Show

Welcome to the first series of the  Fit For Business Podcast. Their show is about sharing stories from their Wonder Women Community (their personal and business journeys), and giving their listeners some tips, knowledge and tools to support them to be Fit For Business and Fit for a harmonised, sustainable life. Fit For Business is a Professional Learning Network that has grown into a large community that is full of women, working for themselves who want community, connection and clarity. Why not join our free Facebook Community?

About This Episode

The podcast is hosted by Co-founder of Fit For Business, Liz Goodfellow, and features Wonder Woman interviewee, Liz Almond: The Mindset Shifter, from Insightful Minds.

Liz shares her personal, ‘One Woman Story’ of how she set up her business, while struggling with grief, ill health, relationship breakdowns and financial instability. From her own challenges, Liz has learnt so much to offer other business owners, particularly in the wellness sector. She explains how she can support others to nurture themselves, understand their ‘self-worth’ and plan for a successful business. She talks about her book and the ‘Balance Procedure’ as tools to positively affect mindset and energy.

Featured Songs:

Alicia Keys -Girl on Fire

Coldplay - Adventure of a Lifetime

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Tina Turner - Simply The Best

Book References:

The Mindfulness Playbook by Dr Barbara Mariposa

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