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August 26, 2020 - 04:15 PM - 406 views
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Good morning and welcome to the funky media radio show here with Fiona catchpowle, aka funky cybergran and today I'm going to be chatting with a lady talking about how exercise has basically changed her life really, isn't it? Tell me a little bit about it.

Thank you for having me on the show. So I'm Karen Jones and I'm the author and founder of happy you happy body method. I believe in the power of fitness to transform our physical and mental health. And I provide busy females with personalised one to one home fitness coaching to help her to achieve a healthy, active strong body that she'll love and look forward to growing older in.

Okay, and how did you come to become the happy and happy body coach as it were, how did that happen? Well, I Back in two, when after my last child was born when I was 30, I was 36. And I suffered from postnatal depression. And my health visitors said to me at the time that I had one or two options, I could either go and see my doctor prescribed antidepressants, or take up exercise, which was known to help. I chose to try the more natural remedy after giving it lots of thought, and I took up money. So off I went, I hadn't done money in you know, since I was really at school. So at the age of 38, I taught myself how to run again. So I started with a slow, long walk. And oh, gradually over time, the ones got longer and I began to feel much better in myself. So I realise that, you know, exercise very much helped me to overcome depression. So much so that I am signed up to run the London Marathon. Oh, In 2006, I'd lost my granddad's cancer, I'd lost one of my other grandparents cancer. And I felt myself getting down again. So I wanted to turn the negative feelings into a positive, picked up a marathon magazine that said, if you can run comfortably now for half an hour, you're capable of running the marathon next year. So I think kind of about eight months to sign up and train myself and then run the marathon. But what that taught me was that with a combination of healthy eating and exercise, it was the only thing that had ever worked for a long time to lose excess weight and keep it off and I've been the same healthy weight now, since 2006. So that's 14 years.

Right? That's cool. Say you hadn't really done much exercise before is what you're saying. And it was just really that visit from your from your house visitor saying to you, you need to make a change.

Yeah, well, she was an angel, really because she could have said that she could have just sent me off to the doctors. I think I had to fill in some sort of questionnaire if I remember correctly, it was a home visit. My baby was still quite young. I just come back from a month holiday in Australia. It was wintertime, so I knew I was suffering from the winter balloons. I just felt really down and I shouldn't have been because I had a new baby, my third child, and I kind of know what it was that was also getting me down now in hindsight, but, you know, for that health visitor to say to me, you know, you've got two options. You don't have to go just on antidepressants, you can take up exercise. So, you know, I didn't live close by to a gym at the time. I lived in like, semi rural, so the nearest gym would have been a half an hour drive me and half an hour drive home. So I said, What can I do that's on my doorstep. And the answer that came back was running. Okay, I see right But you've gone on a long journey since then, and you are an author about the topic, a personal trainer. How How did that evolve over the last few years. So I once coming out of my unhappy marriage, I had to go. I've been a stay at home mom for 16 years. So I needed to choose a profession that I loved. And that would fit around my children. So I looked into personal training and knew that if I helped moms at home, I would only have to work school days and they probably only want me school hours and then I could have weekends off and stuff like that. So I did that and I built up slowly and I helped because I thought, if it helped me as mom, imagine how many other moms I inhale. And from there once I got it, you know, established as working one to one I knew I wanted to go into group fitness training. So I met a really lovely guy who had his own boot camp company. And he trained me up to teach boot camps. So then group fitness training, and also power yoga. So I had to ever string smile to my bow as well. And then from there, I knew that I was so passionate about talking about fitness. I wanted to go into public speaking. So I assigned myself on a public speaking course and Harold, okay, is she just went to public speaking may or may. But during that course, I discovered statistics of how many women were unhappy and hating their bodies. And I was once one of those women and then and now are not so I was like, I have to write a book to help those women to tell them how I went from being unhappy and hating my body to loving and nurturing and looking after my body. You know, that was that was the transition. So that's why my book is called happy and happy with it. Because I knew that you had to choose to be happy, and happiness comes from inside and then change the outside. So it had to be happy You go first and then happy body comes afterwards. And so yeah, I wrote my book by going on a book writing calls and it took me three months from start to finish. Oh, wow, that's awesome. That's awesome.

So now somebody that might be listening, thinking running, or no way, no way. Can I do that? And talk me through them mentally. So how each day and when did you start to realise the impact? I mean, was it instant that you've kind of dragged yourself out there and how far did you run start off with?

Well, I started with a run wall. So I literally could only run for about 30 seconds, maybe a minute before my lungs were big burning and, you know, it was it was really hard work. But I what I did was I decreased my walking time and increase My running time so slowly over time. Now my 30 seconds of running in the mind, maybe five minutes, walk in 30 seconds of running, turned into one minute of running and only four minutes of walking. And then slowly, slowly you increase the money and decrease the walk in. And before you know it, you're up to 15 minutes of money and you're up to 20 minutes of money and you're up to half an hour of running, and half an hour of running is around about five K. So you just kind of slowly, slowly over time, but I do a lot of power walking and I've been doing a lot of power walking since it's after run the marathon, I had a lot of low back problems, and my pain specialist said that I could never run again. So I said to him that I just qualified to become a personal trainer. He can't tell me that.

Then to run balls of my feet to take the pressure off my lower back, which I did learn to do, but I also then discovered that actually power walking or brisk walking is just as good as going out for a run. It's just that you've been asked to be at it a bit longer than what you would if you were running, you know, for like card do training and stuff. So and I actually learned that with power walking, you can take weights out with you. So I am not trying to duplicate fitness contest when I was 47. And I had to do a lot of that. So I was working and training at same time. So I thought like when I go out power walks, I'm going to take some dumbbells with me, and I'm going to do an upper body workout as I walk. And then I also bought some ankle weights. I look like a verbal reading all in on it.

I just I'm very, very good at utilising my time and you know what women are like, we like to do two once a multitasking all the time. So I think Like, how can I make this powerful, more resistance training and like just grab some dumbbells and do a body workout, I used to get lots of bibs and people waving at me and wondering what the hell I was doing. I really enjoyed it. And I just do my own thing. Once upon a time, I used to really care what other people thought of me. You know, I know lots of clients and young young girls and stuff that won't go out on the boat, do their exercise, because they're scared of what people are going to say. Think of them or say to them, and I'll never forget when I was running training for the marathon, and I actually had someone chat window to me, go on Fatty, as well as always, my goodness. And I remember feeling a little bit stumped by that at first, and then I thought, No, I'm the one that's doing the hard work and I'm wanting, you're sitting in a fan or car, whatever it was, and you're calling me fat. It's probably because you're not Doing, you're not out here doing what I'm doing. I don't take any notice of what other people say, to me, it's my body, I'm going to look after it. And if I'm trying to do something that's gonna make it better, then I don't really don't care what other people think.

And so now, fast forward a few years now, so you've got your personal training business and your book, which you were just telling me about, you just recently updated it to include meditation.

Yes, because meditation is for the mind what exercise does for the body. So I took up yoga when I was trying to do bikini fitness in 2015 2016. And I didn't realise with a small amount of meditation that you're doing yoga. That was what gave me the introspection to write my book. So I then once I've done the bikini fitness I wanted to be become. I read up about all the different yoghurts and I heard about Kundalini Yoga. And Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. And there's lots of meditation. So I went from doing the odd Mineo to meditation to do in meditation practice. When I started with, say, three minutes meditation, then went up to 11 minutes meditation, 31 minutes meditation. I've been on a full day of white Tantric Yoga meditation where it was an hour and two minutes, I've done a two and a half hour long, eckankar meditation. So I've really evolved in meditation, and I can honestly say that it's something that has really helped to anchor my mind and my mom, God without doubt.

 Wow. So you talked in both aspects of the physical side and the mental side, you're breaking it down into smaller chunks and gradually building And building on that, and somebody that's listening to us now he was maybe in a in a similar situation to how you were, what would be your first your top tip for for them today for learning to meditate or to or to get in general just to get back get to take a step towards the happy body, right is to break it down into achievable chunks. So you literally even with meditation, I think I said, you start small, so I started one or two minutes to up three minutes. The same with exercise. When I started running. I started with 30 seconds and I built up, you know, weight training everything. You start with smaller weights and you build up. Everything's about taking small steps in the direction of where you want to go. So have your goal of what you want to do. Find an exercise that you love. There's lots different as well meditations out there. And you can do silent breathing meditations. You can do guided meditations, you can do Chanting meditations. You just got you've got to explore in my book Have I become the your own researcher in your happy body?

You have to research what's right for you because it's not one size fits all. Absolutely, you'll find mine might not enjoy. And well I know one lady took up pole dancing after finding an exercise that she loves, and she loves it absolutely loves it. And she's been doing it, I think for about three, four years now. So she's got really good at doing that. It really is. There's so many different fitness activities out there that go in time all again. They like see what you love.

Because when you love to do something, you want to keep on doing it. And that that's the key. You have to find something you love. Keep doing it and if you lose that love, then find something else because I've very much changed a lot of my styles of training and gone back to doing you know different things. To keep it shake it up, and not always do the same thing, because it's nice to work different areas of your body, you know, running definitely works cardio. And but then it's really nice to do like strength training because as you get older, your muscles get smaller so, or shrinking. So you need to build those muscles back up. And one of the biggest secrets in life is to get energy you need to spend energy. So the more you sit around on the sofa, the more you're going to want to sit around on the sofa. The more you get up and start doing things, the more you'll want to get up and start doing things that energy comes back to you.

Well, I mean, you certainly sound like you've got lots of energy to me. So I'm just quickly then. So you're, we've gone through how you how you got to where you are today, you've created you've written a book, you do a lot of public speaking and also you've got your personal training client. And what's what's next for Karen then surely you're just going to take a long holiday now.

I wish and it's that I've got to qualify as a Kundalini yoga teacher, it was a, it was a done over two years. So that's going to happen towards the end of this year. And also I've got coming up for 28 day reset masterclass with an sharpstein. And we're going to be helping women to reset their lives if they're healing from toxic relationships, because we've come out of toxic relationships and I very much time I got out of a toxic relationship with fitness. So that also helped me in that area. And it helped me to go on to rebuild my life and I've got an amazing career off the back there. And same with and so we're going to work together, we're going to help women to reset their lives and have a 28 day reception.

Wow, that sounds impressive. Well listen, what we'll do is we'll put all the contact details in the show. notes so that women that who are looking for support with that kind of thing can get in contact with you. It's been a pleasure speaking to you, Karen, thank you very much for giving up your time today and I look forward to catching up with you again in the future.

Thank you, Fiona. Thank you for having me.



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