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September 16, 2020 - 07:52 AM - 247 views
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Hi, good morning and welcome to the funky media cyber grand show here on funky media radio. And today I'm going to be talking with another woman in business and her name is Geraldine Scott. Good morning, Geraldine.
Good morning, Fiona lovely to be here. And you're in a very lovely part of the world. Tell me where you are.
Now as I speak to you. I am very, very blessed to be sitting on my patio in Altea on a bright, gorgeous, beautiful day with a nice breeze. Blessed doesn't even cover it.
I am a wee bit jealous. That has to be said I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with Liverpool but right now it's a tad on the grey side. So anyway, moving swiftly on. You are a woman in business. Tell us a little bit about your business.
Right? Well, I am indeed a woman in business. I'm a little bit of a romantic woman in business as far as I love building. businesses and I recently discovered an amazing tool to help other women in their businesses. So no matter what the business is that they're involved in, if they have, as everybody does this day and age, an online presence, a website, a Facebook page, then what I do is I provide for them a bespoke building service of messenger marketing bots. And I also run a course so that for women who are perhaps not as aufait with doing that kind of job, then I can teach them how to do it. And it's a very, it's a great tool, it saves money. It saves time, it makes money, which is fabulous. So yeah, I love it.
Oh, well, and this is all AI artificial intelligence. They call it AI. Is that right?
That's correct. It is. And what it basically is, is in its simplest terms, if you go to somebody's website, and for instance, I go to somebody's website, And I get the little chat bot will come up and say hi, Geraldine. Thanks for dropping by today. My name is sounds awesome. So I'm the chat bot for this website because you don't want to come across as being, you know, a real person because clearly you're not. But there's a lot of, there's a lot of personality that you can build into an individual's bots. So even though it's not the person, you can actually give the little boss its own little personality and people like that. So it will talk about what it can do for you. And it will say, you know, are you interested in this particular subject? Are you answering this and there's all sorts of things that you can make a do so you can ask questions, it will ask me questions. Hi, Geraldine, where do you live? And then I'll be able to type in I live in Spain. It will be able to answer back and say that's fabulous. Wow, I love Spain. And it's things like that, but I just think it just helps people just at attached to a business. You know, it helps them to it helps them to know that business, it helps them to know what it's about. So depending on what your business is, and I'm trying to think of an example now, an insurance company, for instance, I'm building one for right now, actually, that they want to be very simple, but they also want it to be very clear. So if I go on, it will simply ask me, it will welcome me, but then it will ask me what kind of insurance am I actually interested in home insurance, car insurance, so all the different areas of the business and if I say car insurance, it's going to send me off in one direction, and it's going to then ask me various questions. Now these can be as detailed or as simple as people like, I like to keep them very simple, because at the end of the day, you want to kind of bridge that gap with your client. But you also then want to actually physically get on the phone, speak to clients build a relationship, but there is no doubting that messenger marketing is becoming very important to a lot of Women. And I, to be honest, found quite accidentally really through network marketing businesses. Yeah. That what marketing is one of those businesses that really benefits from this.

And clearly this comes from your passion for communicating clearly with your customers. But we'll come back to how all of this works and how you got into the actual messenger bot stuff in a minute. But take me back to how Geraldine started off in, in business and communicating and how it clearly became something that you were good at.
Oh, gosh.
Well, I started I started off my career as a bank librarian after I done computer science, which I got to say I was a complete failure, because it was a very lonely existence, me and a computer. And I like to interact with people. And so I like the interaction, I like Solving problems for people, I like helping people. And so when anybody says anything to me, like, Oh, I can't do this, you know, that's just, you know, you just open the door that you're never you know, you're never going to get out. Or if you're just going to use, I'm going to push it through that door and show you how to do is. Because I don't think there's ever a time where you can say nothing is possible to do. I think things are things are, I think you get to a certain age, where you decide what you want to do, and actually what you don't want to do. And I think if we as women could get to that point faster, we would have completely different lives, if only in my 30s. I had said to a few different people. Actually, no, I don't want to do that. Or no, I don't want to learn how to do that. That's the most boring thing I've ever heard. Of course, you've got to try these things. You've got to try everything once at least but as soon as you don't. As soon as you know you don't like it. Why? move on? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So I kind of I kind of went into magazine publishing after that. And then when we moved to Spain, my husband and I set up a Facebook group on a website for expats in Spain, which is called x plus in Spain. And we have a very, very large community. And we basically help people out with, you know, questions and again, communication and help. And it's a challenge because we have over 92,000 people on our group challenge, but it is a big group. Yeah. But it's, it's a great group. And, you know, we've helped an awful lot of people and you know, we've had some really nice emails from people who we have helped out and, you know, equally, you get messages from people who think we're the worst thing since sliced bread. But hey, whoa, again. I can't please everybody, and I don't intend to.
And it's being comfortable enough to say I'm not going to be able to please everybody all the time.
Absolutely. You just have to you have to. That's, oh gosh, that's the one piece of business advice. I can give to anybody is that you cannot please everybody find your niche and then and then find it, find a tighten it down even more. I mean only deal with people you really, really want to deal with at the moment I'm loving dealing with network marketing professionals because I get where they're coming from. I have a couple of network marketing businesses that I use as kind of hobbies. And in fact, I just joined on a while ago to try on my chatbots. And actually, they work pretty well because now I've become quite successful in that particular company as well. So you know, it's funny how, you know, life

Shared values are another is another interesting thing that you've had, appreciate now that you made that perhaps earlier on in your career.
Yes, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

I remember, oh, gosh, back in my early days when I just I just I just started actually doing HR in a tech company so that I was always involved in tech. So funny, because I had a kind of an affinity towards it. But I always remember the CEO saying to me that the only thing was having in business was integrity. And I remember that day going home on the tube in London thinking, gosh, you know, aren't old people funny? Yeah, it's such a serious, that's what I was thinking. You know, I'm thinking I know what integrity is. And actually, at that particular point, not sure that I really did. I think it's only when you have experience, and you experienced the pitfalls. And that's another thing I'd say to people don't run away from the pitfalls. Learn from the pitfalls, but don't take it on personally. I mean, yes, you can take it on personally. I mean, if you don't put somebody's ad in a magazine, and they come back to you and say, why didn't you put my ad in the magazine like I did a couple of years ago. You can't make excuses about that. You kind of got it. You got it. You just own up to it. And you've got to say, you know what, I really messed up there. I'm so sorry. And then you offer them something to just to just delight in it to say, Look, I'm sorry, you know, I value you. And so I'm going to have to, I'm going to give you something because I value your service. But first and foremost, I'm going to front up and say, oh my gosh, I didn't. I mean, I was so disgusted. When I did that, when they called and said, we can see our ads. And all I could think of was ridiculous. Push your ads in there, and I'm flicking furiously through the magazine, and I got to the end of the magazine, I'll actually put my head on the desk and thought, Oh, no, no, no, no. But these things happen. And so that's the other bit of advice I'd give to anybody who's a woman we can really in business is try not to take too personally and just fix this. And if you can't fix this, then you can fix it. You just have to move on if you try and fix it, but sometimes, sometimes it's just it's just not referable and you've got to just kind of you know bless and release You just have to you just have to move on.
And communicating effectively throughout your business life associate is a key part of it. And you mentioned something earlier on about her putting a bit of personality into your books as well. Yes. And its kind of it the first thing that then came into my head was the know, like trust factor. I'm guessing that
Yeah, absolutely, it is completely vital. I must admit, when I can only use network marketing as the as the as the benchmark for this. Well, when I first started, I remember like doing the usual thing, you know, ads and messages to people and chatter, chatter, and not getting a response. I'm thinking, why people why people ignoring me well, because they didn't know me from Adam, that loan like me, or trust me. And this is something that, you know, over the years, I've noticed that we certainly built up with experts. What's really what's really funny is that when you get recognised in a supermarket now, That's bizarre. I guess that's a really bizarre thing. Excuse me are you Geraldine Scott. And I'm like, yeah, thinking Is this some kind of stalker. So the know like and trust is vital. So the thing about a messenger bot is that it allows for that part of the business to be taken care of, while you are speaking with a client who already knows you or likes you already trust you and already buys from you or uses your service. So it's vital to put in the right level of either fun, jokes, seriousness depends on the industry really. As I say, for me, it's network marketing because I kind of understand our business. But slowly, slowly, I'm beginning to get the, you know, the, the level of what other businesses are like, I have to say, I'm happier. I'm happier teaching people how to use them than actually doing them for other companies because there's a lot of pressure with that as far as if they're different industry, I don't want to, I don't want to I don't want to mess it up. I don't want to; I don't want to lock in your value. I don't, I'm thinking this didn't work.
But that's, that's interesting to say that because that kind of dovetails with something that I've always felt with social media marketing and management to a degree is that you have to lead that way a little bit when it's your business. So on behalf if you're trying to do something on behalf of another business that you're not familiar with, you're not going to be able to do certain elements as well as they can. Because they like people that know their business, so absolutely correct. Absolutely correct. And I'm also a huge believer in putting the power of having the control over your own business. So if that means you have to learn something, because it's going to benefit your business, then it's just a I think it's just a rule of modern-day business, particularly with social media and online presence. You have to know this stuff. It's no longer a situation where you could, you could kind of wing it and you could get away with this. Now those days are gone. You have to learn you have to learn this stuff now. And I'm forever doing training courses and webinars about different social media training. Yeah, every I'm sure you're the same every time you learn something new every time you go, Well, okay, that's a new thing. So the way I run the course, is that when people actually take the course and purchase the course, then they're in the course for life, really, because what's going to happen is that in a month's time, Facebook are going to change something, and I will need to adapt that in the course, I will need to contact the people who are doing it and say, by the way, you now cannot do this. Or by the way, good news. We can now do this. Yeah, and AI is just expanding in every single direction. So it's not just limited to Facebook. You can now have messenger chat without people being on Facebook. So all sorts of great things are happening and it's a very exciting arena to be involved with.
So let's talk a little bit about the tech now then let's go back to that and because chatbots have been around for a wee while And then the looking at them before him in the past and you have got like the built in chat bot with Facebook and there's platforms like many chat and but what's changed in like the very recent past because we've just literally had f5 finally roll out for those of you that are listening that don't know what that is so Facebook have just gone through their fifth iteration as some people are calling it we're not even calling it a transformation because we've got guys see the benefits yet. But how is that I'm kind of gone in how is that lying with chat bots? And then tell me a little bit more about how they're going to save us time and make us more money.
Okay, well, certainly the new Facebook. I know was I see it every single day. I hate this new Facebook. I want my old Facebook back, you know, no, it's gone. Move on. Step away from the old Facebook – it’s gone. No, it's time to it's time to move on with a new one and yes, it is going to have benefits but it's also a bit glitchy at the moment. So people are maybe not seeing the benefits. But as far as the messenger bot is concerned, it's just a lot more adaptable. And it's a lot more flexible. And I think they're just easier to put together now. And especially, as you say, many championships button that I actually use. You know, there are a lot of things being added into it. As far as, as far as saving lives, mostly saving time. Okay, that's the first one. I would say that when you have a website, say, say you're a network marketer, and you have your own website, which I think everybody should have, you know, I think everybody should have their own website, forget about having the company website, nobody's interested. Have your own website and have your own messenger marketing on it. If you are running ads, or you're running any kind of promotion on social media that you want people to either buy your product or join your team, get more information, you need to be able to answer that twenty-four seven. Now it's not just a matter of, you know, oh, I'm making money while I'm sleeping. This is a matter of I'm speaking to you now, during this interview, and in the background, I know that my messenger marketing bots are working, if they need to work if somebody is clicking on a link to find out about how to use it, it's there. I don't have to do anything with it.
I can set it up. So I get alerts so that when people say I need to speak to you, or I need to do this, or I want to join your team, or Yes, I want this product, then you just get alerts. So that's the time saving element. Also, you can actually save an awful lot of time, one of the biggest problems that network marketers have is having to speak to people about their business. Now, most network marketing professionals I know can speak for months about their business because they're passionate about their business. They love their products. They think it's the greatest thing and they don't understand why not everybody is doing it. So if you send a message to somebody and they say, Oh, yeah, okay, tell me more. You can be on the phone for hours. hours on a person is enthusiastic, and they're loving it. And they're agreeing with all the stuff you're saying. This can go on for hours. And then you can say things like, Okay, we’ll have a quick look through my website. And then I'll call you tomorrow, the next day, the next week, when's a good time to call? Bam, they then go into something called witness protection. You never hear from them ever again. And it is the bane of a network marketing professionals’ life? And this was the one thing that when I first started I couldn't get past was one I just came across the people being rude. Now, of course, I know they're not they're just thought about it. They kind of thought I can do this. And that's fair enough, because not everybody can do everything, you know, you've got to allow for that. And so what the chat bot will do is guide the person through questions. Have you have you run your own business before? Was it a success? No. You can think of lots of different questions you can ask some obviously don't want to grill them. You don't want it to seem like the other Oh, yeah. No, oh my gosh, you know what kind of what I've referenced when I was six, you know, you have to you have to be realistic. But it's a great way of weeding out the people who want to continue on. Well, each person who does that you've saved two hours of your life. That's a lot of that is a lot of time. That is a lot of time chat. bots. Don't take sick days chat bots don't care about the current crisis. They they're oblivious to. They have no idea. They have no clue. I don't even mention the word in my, in my business. I don't even mention the word. I just used the word crisis because it's always going to be a crisis of sorts, whether it's a worldwide crisis, a family crisis, your own personal crisis, this is going to be something that you have to get over it. Yeah. Yeah. And so that's the time saving element and then also the money, the money-making element of it is also So great because when you've already got a client, you've got a couple of things. You've got that connection with the client, you've got their email address, then you can start sending them emails about different things that they like. So say for instance, you are a makeup company, and somebody orders from you and the scar and then they order another mascara, you can pretty much tell that their product of choice is mascara. So if you get a new mascara comes out or a new You know, when you knew design or a special limited edition, you can set up the chatbot so that it will actually give you a list of all the people who bought mascara from you or people interested in mascara. And then you can just send them an email and say, you know, we're doing this great limited edition, and here it is. There's the button and here's the link to buy it. And that's it. All you're doing is sharing information. And I think that's the biggest takeaway I have from this is that all you can do is share your business information with people chatbots are not going to make people buy anything those days. Also our blog. Gone the whole sales thing is gone. You have to just find the person who needs what you have. Yeah, I've been jamming her head against the wall thinking why doesn't this woman who never wears makeup? Why won't she find foundation from them?
Yes, it's a mystery all right,
it's a mystery but if we think of our own purchasing habits I don't know about you but I go to one supermarket for one thing and the supermarket for another and so if we think of our own creature habits, then it's quite understandable but like you said, as marketers, we don't always we have tunnel vision or we go, why are they buying from me? To say you have given us a lot of food for thought. I love your enthusiasm and your passion for communicating and the tech. So for people that find tech a challenge, you're certainly some did it or that they should be talking to you.
Yes, I'm on from the point of view that I like to keep it really, really simple. I don't like to like to use big words for stuff, It's just I think that when you when you know, you can do something well, and then you can put it across to somebody else how to do it in, in sometimes very step by step. I mean, so you know, for some people, they might take this course, and actually think, oh geez, well, the first three chapters, you know, I didn't need to take because I kind of knew this stuff already. Great, that's fabulous. But there might be something in it. And I guarantee you, there will be something in it that you didn't think of, or there is something in it that will make you think, Oh, you know what, I can do this for this. I didn't think about that. That's what I think is important about, you know, groups like yourselves, that you have to you have to keep sharing information because sometimes it's not the direct information you're getting. Sometimes it can trigger something off in your brain that makes you think of something else that will guide you towards something else that you would never have thought about. And that happens to me all the time. When I take courses. I look at a course I learn something new. I always learn something new. But I get inspiration Ideas all the time, all the time. So it's, it's, it's fascinating. I think for this day and age, women in business have the world at their feet. Really. I think this is a great time to be a woman, even in the current crisis.
I think that's a great place to finish. They're all women in business. So listen, thank you so much for joining me today Geraldine, we will put all of your details in the show notes, but just as reminders quickly of the name of your website, and how we can get in contact with you.
We look forward to catching up with you again soon. And God thank you so much for joining us today on funky media radio


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