Keeping Careers Real with Ali, with Host Ali Whelan Interview With Stuart Miller ( Engaging Dynamic Trainer & Employability Coach at SDM Training Service )

September 22, 2021 - 02:18 PM - 1375 views
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 Welcome to the Show "Keeping Careers Real with Ali"

Do you feel there’s got to be a better work-life than what you experience right now? 

Are you raring to set off in a new direction, make some bold moves and create a work-life which gives you what you need but need some inspiration?

About this show

Welcome to Keeping Careers Real with Ali - a show which brings you stories of ordinary people’s extraordinary career journeys. The warts and all successes, disappointments, highs and lows that have brought people to where they are today in their work-lives. 

Sharing experiences, providing top tips for navigating career change and showing us how we can create better work-lives for ourselves, we follow our guests to where they are in their careers today and beyond.

About this episode

The podcast is hosted by Ali Whelan and features ex-forces, ex-prison officer turned employability trainer, Stuart Miller, of SDM Training.

Stuart, shares his bold career story, outlining what impacted his many career decisions from a 16 year school leaver, leading him to where he is today, and what his career aspirations and dreams are from here.

We talk about the decisions Stuart needed to make to gain a trade and then work in some of the toughest career roles from the military, the prison service, employability for veterans and now running his own training business, as well as discussing how important it is for people not to be afraid of making bold moves and to consider ‘at what price happiness!’.

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We are here to help people create better work-lives for themselves, which fully align with and support their future life goals.

Because let’s be honest… is just too short to hate your job! 

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