Moments fro the Costa del Sol - Happy New Year Peeps

January 06, 2021 - 10:28 AM - 281 views
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Hola Funky Media listeners and a very Happy New 2021 to all of you, although it's not looking so great at the moment is it? I've just seen the news, and it looks like, as I'm recording this, there could be a big lockdown coming for you guys. My heart is really with you.

Of course, it's Michelle/Essex here on the Costa del Sol, and by the time this goes out to you, we will be on the last leg of the never-ending Christmas. In fact, today, as this broadcast goes out is Three Kings Day and all the little children would have woken up this morning to their gifts and tomorrow we can finally wave the Christmas season for 2020 goodbye. No more jingle bells in the supermarkets. It's going to be back to the normal background elevator music and tomorrow's usually when the sales start. So, now there's one more thing to be done. take down the flipping tree and pray that it fits back in the cupboard where it came out of.

New Year, of course, was a very quiet affair here this year, as for everybody. Normally there would be fireworks on the beach going off at midnight but this year, it was a bit like spot the firework. I think everybody in the world was just happy to see the end of 2020 and with our current restrictions, we all have hopes for 2021. Needless to say, I had a very quiet and eerie New Year this year. Just a small gathering of eight people in comparison to some of the crazier years gone by but it was wonderful nonetheless. I hope last week's hangover tips worked for you. I'd love to know if the NHS and other sources got it right.

The COVID situation here is still headed in the right direction I'm glad to report. I'm not going to hang on it but we have moved from high risk to medium risk here in Andalucia. We still have the same restrictions in place but everyone seems to be adhering to it well and there haven't been any major incidents over Christmas, New Year's, and of course Three Kings day.

Now, back in the summer last year I told you I was being filmed during one of my podcasts and was being followed by cameras but I was forbidden to say anymore due to the fact that I signed a contract. Well now I can reveal that the upcoming show starts to air on Channel 5 this Sunday. Crikey this all came around so fast !! Yes, it's "Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun", which kicks off at 8pm next Sunday night. Apparently, we're in Episode Two which airs on Sunday, January the 17th and don't think I won't be reminding you the week before. It's kind of unnerving you know, when you´ve got friends over for dinner and suddenly the commercial appears on the screen and we have a big TV mounted on the wall, you can't miss it. Well Hubby and I just looked at each other like, "Oh my God". Of course we had to keep it quiet all these months until now, so as not to ruin the surprise or risk being sued by Channel 5, so, if you're curious to know who I am. I'm the one in the commercial lounging on the pedalo while hubby does all the graft. I have no idea how they've edited it or what part of the film they´ll show, I just know they followed us around for a good few weeks, so it will be a big surprise to see the finished product. You know, it's really strange when you see yourself on the big screen. It was definitely a fun experience though and last year series did put us in a good light, thank goodness but you never know what they're going to use and what's going to hit the screen and what's going to end up on the cutting room floor. As I said, it can be quite nerve-wracking. I'll probably hide behind the couch like I did last year.

Well, on January 1st here in Spain, we British living here became EU citizens, as well as being British Nationals, which may have some perks. It seems that we will now be allowed to travel into Schengen areas which is about 26 countries with just an ID card and no passport. That's going to be really strange. Oddly enough, I only need to use my passport when visiting the UK, my home country or any other continents. Gibraltar is to remain in the Schengen zone also, so that will make getting on and off the rock a lot easier if the British and Spanish play ball nicely together.

Now for my first crazy story of 2021. I came across this little gem for you all......

There is a psychic who sees the future. Wait for it, by throwing Asparagus and here is her predictions for 2021. I've heard everything now. A woman called Jemima Packington makes predictions for the future by throwing Asparagus into the air and reading the patterns they make, where they land. Whacky or what? Jemima Packington from Evesham uses Asparagus tips rather than a Crystal Ball like most Psychics to make her predictions, earning her the nickname "Mystic Veg".....I love that one, that's absolutely classic. After throwing the vegetables into the air and reading the patterns they form the 65 year old says they show that the pandemic will begin to pass by June and the world's population will become kinder as a result. I do hope this woman is accurate that would be a nice start. Jemima also predicts foreign travel become an occasional option rather than the annual norm.... Um, I hope not, I'd really like to see my Family and Grandchildren in the flesh after not seeing them for an entire year. She says the extremes of weather will continue and tropical storms becoming more frequent and that ´Gus´ is to become the most popular baby name in 2021, wonder if that's got anything to do with AsparaGUS, who knows. As far as COVID-19 pandemic she forecasts although the impact of COVID-19 will still be felt across the world, the vaccines will bring a return to a new normal by June 2021, although not a return to pre pandemic days. I think we all knew that. However, I think still that's a little bit optimistic, I don't see that happening by June, but hey, fingers crossed. The world's population will become kinder and more tolerant as a direct result of the pandemic and governments, governments, excuse me, will be more beholden to the will of their people, hope so, not sure about that one either but hope so. To be honest, it's pretty grim reading for the Royals in 2021 as Jemima predicts at least two divorces and says Harry or as I call him "Harry the Hostage" will return to the UK on his own in March, when he would be advised that there will NOT be an extension to his current terms, oooh there's one to watch. She says we can also expect a spate of ill health among the Royals of all ages. I do hope not, Sports Stars and obsession with Celebrities she saying will become things of the past. The era of semi professional sports but will reemerge, along with a focus on real heroes. Sounds good to me. She says former President Trump will be disowned by GOP members, because of his appalling handling of the US, domestic situation. He will not stand for further term as President and his future is uncertain. I don't agree totally with that. I think his future will probably include a few lawsuits. So I'm not sure if his future will be uncertain but I do agree that he won't be running in 2024. She also added there will be no second Scottish referendum. So, that's one in the eye for Nicola Sturgeon aka Janette Cranky. So how have her previous predictions held up in the past. Well, Jemima who says she's a "World Famous Planet only Asparamancer" A world famous what ? I mean I've never heard of her, have you ? I've never even heard of an "Asparamancer" before, what on earth is an "Asparamancer" anyway ? and how did she discover she could tell the future by lobbing asparagus across the floor and reading the pattern. Is this a subject of study? Sounds to me like one glass too many and maybe a little wacky baccy helped. I find that totally bizarre. She has a mixed record with previous predictions, having said Donald Trump would win the latest US election..... FAIL !! Your asparagus tips got that wrong love, did´nt it thank goodness. I'm not sure the Americans could stand another four years.

Her successes, however, supposedly include predicting Brexit, and she predicted the UK flooding in 2018 by storm Eleanor. She also predicted that the BBC licence fee, being reduced or abolished completely and radical reforms. Hey, I knew that without harming any vegetables. I reported that to you last year. We know there have been revolts against the BBC licencing with many people not paying it and they also upset their biggest viewing demographics, by attacking the over 75´s, bit of an obvious one if you ask me, you only have to read the news. Well, I for one should be looking at my asparagus very closely from now on, looking for tips, ha ha, do ya get it tips ? How does she get this from a few bits of veg.

Oooh, gotta go the broccoli is calling. Until next week, have a fab one everyone. I wish you all a wonderful and healthy New Year. Stay safe, be kind, be friendly, and make sure you eat all your veg. Hasta luego peeps from me, Michelle in the Costa del Sol. 


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