Joel Peterson

April 23, 2020 - 09:27 AM - 951 views
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In this episode Dominic Lawson talks with Joel Peterson (Chairman Of JetBlue Airways & Stanford Business Professor) about his latest book, what you can learn from shooting paper in the wastebasket, and so much more. Check out his website to purchase his book. Follow Joel on Facebook & LinkedIn

**More On Joel** Joel has a long history of successful growth capital investments in a variety of industries. He currently teaches Entrepreneurial Management at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, is the Chairman of the Board of Overseers at the Hoover Institution at Stanford as well as the Chairman of the Board at JetBlue Airways, and serves as a Director of Franklin Covey. He served formerly as Managing Partner of Trammell Crow Company. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Joel is the author of The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds that Make a Business Great.

Dominic Lawson

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