Mixtapes with "Piyush"

Sunday, from 17:00 to 10:00

Cristina talks with Piyush about joining the funky media radio team with his Mixtapes! 

Piyush, tell us about your journey, and your love of music, and why you're excited to do a show on funky media radio?

I have been a DJ, since I was about 12 years old, and what I really like to do is play music for everybody.

I've got my first pair of turntables around age 1314 they were useless. And then got two picks of vinyl together and started making music mixing it. And I've always followed Jazzy Jeff, I love the way he writes, knows his stuff. And I'm inspired by him so when I, when I took that to the next level because I come from, like, second generation Ugandan. And I went to a school which is predominantly Western Union most of my friends, they were willing to music and so we used to sit there and learn about this track and that track and have you heard that tune this tune and what have you, so I basically took the love from the music a lot the young age never did liking you should shoot me down, but that that's what happened. And then, and then from there. When I left school, I went into college and I stopped doing parties. So, I ran out myself some really cool friends. We started something called infinity sounds and Bs to hire out church halls, hotels, leisure centres and check them out with audiences between thousand to 2000 people basically rock the drink. And then from there, so people come to those parties then hire me for their 18 May 21 and. Yeah. And therefore, nowadays, she's here, and then a few weddings here and there. No divorces so they must be happy.

What kind of music mix can we expect to hear your show? 

You can today you can safely say anything that makes your dogs, predominantly black. Yeah. Soul hip hop that kind of stuff, anything that's an up tempo beat and gets people feeling happier and all that sort of stuff. I tend to avoid the hardcore hip hop and Afro beats more than upbeat happy funk music which makes people feel good.

Join us on Sundays from 5pm for This New Show. if you have a request: www.funkymedia.agency/calendar   



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