Ali Whelan

November 16, 2021 - 888 views
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Ali Whelan  
Career Coach & Development Trainer working with people 40+ to gain the clarity and courage they need to boldly create the better work-life reality of their dreams, by identifying what they really want, creating self-belief to go out and get it and identifying the practical strategy to get them there.

As a Career Coach and practical headed, tell it like it is Virgo, I'm committed to helping unfulfilled professionals who know there's more to work out there for them and that it's time to make changes, gain clarity on career goals that work for them and what they want from life, unlock their true fulfilment, breakthrough their barriers and create work-lives which truly light them up.


I don't deal in BS and like to walk my talk, which is why throughout my career I've:


  • Successfully made four complete career and sector changes at different stages in my work life.
  • Become fully ILM certified & IAPC&M accredited in coaching
  • Qualified as MCIPD HR professional with 15 years experience
  • Delivered 100's of training courses and workshops for HR & HE Professionals
  • Gained both professional experience and qualifications in a number of specialist areas
  • Engaged my own personal coaches to support and guide my progress
  • Continued to invest significantly in my personal and professional development to ensure I provide the very best service to my clients ongoing. 


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