The Schmusic Hour with Cara & Laura

October 18, 2022 - 503 views

The Schmusic Hour will be hosted by two music and conversational enthusiasts (otherwise known as non-stop chatterboxes!). 

Cara and Laura are active musicians in the East of England, having released their own singles and performed at local events. 

While Laura is an international fitness presenter, UK trainer and yoga teacher, Cara is a qualified Occupational Therapist and will soon be publishing her first teen fantasy novel.  

The Schmusic Hour is set to be filled with plenty of musical crowd pleasers, as well as new music from undiscovered artists across the country. Musical challenges, special guests and fun facts will also feature in The Schmusic Hour, so watch this space while we get it wrapped up and ready to go! 

Until then, you can find us on socials:



The Schmusic Hour will be broadcast on a Saturday at noon and repeated at 6pm on a Wednesday


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